Why Uber Were Banned in London

Uber has been operating a private hire taxi service in London since 2012 and now claims to have 3.5 million customers and 40,000 drivers. TFL have denied issuing Uber a new five-year license and their last day operating in London will be 30th September.

Uber can appeal TFL’s decision and has 21 days to do so. Uber said they will, and whilst appealing they can continue to operate until the end of the process which could be as long as two years.

TFL came to the decision to deny Uber a new private hire operator licence due to four reasons:
1) The way Uber reports “serious criminal offences”
2) How Uber drivers obtain medical certificates
3) How Uber conducts CRB checks on drivers
4) Use of their Greyball software to allegedly deny service to government regulators

TFL have said the private hire firm is “not fit and proper” to have a new license due to “potential public safety and security implications”. Effectively Uber are accused of breaking the rules are set out in the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998.