Shawn Mendes Gets Roughed Up by Drake’s Security

Canadian pop star, Shawn Mendes, revealed a super embarrassing experience with Drake’s security guard to Jimmy Fallon. Mendes, guest on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, told of his awkward encounter when he approached Drake at a Weeknd concert.

When Shawn Mendes spotted Drake, a fellow Canadian, he wanted to say hello (thinking Drake would remember him) but it didn’t quite go as planned.

He explained: “I go over like that’s Drake (so) I go say, “Hi”, he must remember me from previous experiences… like twice… So I go over to touch his side and…”

What happened next wasn’t the beautiful reunion he imagined. Instead, Shawn approached the world-famous rapper and Drake didn’t recognise him, so Drake’s 6.6″ 300-pound security guard then locked his arms behind his back.

“I see Drake look over and in my eyes and I knew it was like “Help me, please, Drake.”

Luckily, Drake did actually remember who Shawn was and the two Canadians hung out, but painfully learnt that day that you can never “expect everyone to know who you are”!

See the full Jimmy Fallon & Shawn Mendes interview here: