Jim Carrey Finally Speaks About His Awkward Interview

Jim Carrey is no stranger to acting bizarre on-screen but after his very weird interview with E! New’s Cat Sandler people began to ask serious questions about his mental state.

The Hollywood superstar was interviewed at New York Fashion Week and after a surreal exchange, the video went viral.

Carrey begins by circling his interviewer, Sadler, and then spent the interview talking almost exclusively about the meaningless of the event, saying that “there is no meaning to any of this” and he wanted to find the “most meaningless thing he could come to.”

See Jim Carry’s cringeworthy interview in full here:

Since the interview and the subsequent public concern, he has tried to play down the performance and dismiss accusations that he may be going through a crisis. Carrey compared himself to one of his own characters, Andy Kaufman, from Man on the Moon.

“It’s kind of an interesting perspective on what came from losing yourself in a character and realizing you’re a character who has been playing you your whole life,” Carrey explained to a Hollywood reporter.

“A lot of people think that I’m kinda going through something — but it’s been my whole life. … When I try to go back and play Jim Carrey, I got depressed, and now I don’t try to do that anymore.”

Carrey also spoke to W Magazine and explained further how he is exploring his inner-self through past characters:

“It was about immersing myself in a character or a couple of characters so deeply that I realized that myself, Jim Carrey, was a character as well and something I could push aside at will. So once you know that, you go, ‘Who am I?’

We’re a bunch of ideas cobbled together to look like a form. There’s a body, and there’s a mind, but the body is part of the field of consciousness, just dancing for itself and it’s no different than a plant or a chair or your phone—it’s all one thing.”