George Clooney: Celebrities Shouldn’t Run For President

George Clooney has dismissed rumours that he may run for president in 2020 in an interview with Variety where he made it clear that he feels someone famous shouldn’t be in the White House.

The 56-year-old superstar was in Canada promoting his new film, Suburbicon, where he spoke about President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence in August.

“I think that having a celebrity as president who has a star on Hollywood Boulevard will exorcise our need to have someone famous in office,” Clooney explained. “And maybe we’ll find someone who knows how to make policy.”

Clooney also expressed concerns that white supremacist groups were comparing themselves to liberal movements such as Black Lives Matter.

“These are moments when we are supposed to come together,” Clooney believes. “You can’t compare Black Lives Matter, who are protesting in support of racial equality, to the KKK and the alt-right, who are protesting in support of racial supremacy.”

“You cannot balance those two — period. To see that happen at the highest level in our country was very disappointing and gutting for a lot of us.”

Following Clooney’s interview, Suburbicon co-star, Julianna Moore, also echoed the same sentiment:
“I don’t think actors should be president, I’m sorry, George.”